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Nectar Kenzan

Nectar Kenzan


Design your own wild arrangements in a custom Nectar & Vessel Kenzan which is one of our favorite sustainable ways to design flowers. This N&V and OFF MENU POTS collaboration is so exciting and I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. 


To use: Place your Nectar Kenzan in a bowl or vase or shallow dish and fill with enough water to cover the holes. Take local blooms and play around fitting them in the holes to create a natural looking design. Always follow the arc and shape of the flower and make sure to play with color and texture for a true N&V inspired design.


Each Nectar Kenzan is unique and has it's own design. We view these as heirloom items as they are handmade with much care. Please take good care of your Nectar Kenzan and it will last forever!


Order a few of these to create a stunning tablescape and be sure to tag @nectarandvessel  in any designs you make!

Expected to ship by end of June
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