All space is sacred,

I help you make it feel that way

I am a wild one; full of spunk and unending awe at this gorgeous world. I'm an ordained Hebrew Priestess through Kohenet, and I offer a unique and intuitive approach to design, aesthetics and lifestyle. My background is in fashion and interior styling and in curating immersive experiences to evoke desired feeling states. I seek to create beauty wherever I go and to shine light into every space and being I come across. I am a lover, a sacred fool and a temple keeper.


I yearn for close connections, for bold drum beats and for unity! 


You might enjoy working with me if you yourself are a lover, a dreamer and an indigo soul! If you are yearning for the sacred and delight in adventure, frolicking and starlight! If you are on a path of manifesting your own reality and are very certain you are your own compass and guide! I'm so excited to be present here for you all and to give my gifts to this world fully.


Gratitude to the one, for all the days that led here, for this moment and to all the magic that will ensue!

xx Naomi



Photos by Ray Lesel @lovely_sun_ray

© 2021 by Naomi Izen

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