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Kohenet Naomi Azriel
is a lifestyle designer,
floral artist

spiritual educator and
sacred beauty ceremonialist.

All the above is in the name of Sacred Beauty and elevating the sparks of the ordinary into extraordinary for the divine. 

Hi and welcome!

I feel honored you've taken the time to delight in the beauty that jumps off these pages. Whether you are looking for wedding florals, retreat design, ceremony or ritual consultation, sacred space curation or just looking to dwell in beauty, you are welcome here. 

If you wish to get in touch then please do send me an email, a DM or a psychic vibe.

A little more about me to help you gauge whether you want to work with me:


My background is in fashion and interior styling and have interned at Lonny Magazine, Country Living Magazine and The Editor-at-Large in New York City.

I've spent over a decade working on bridging my love for maximalism and over-the-top lushness with the beauty and eclecticism of the natural world.

My work aims to delight in pleasure and inspire wonder.

When I am not working with my own incredible clients, I freelance as an install designer for many top-notch floral studios and am a spiritual Jewish educator as an ordained Hebrew Priestess (Kohenet). 

My niche is creating immersive experiences through the art of sacred space creation, which almost always includes flowers, fruits and eclectic found treasures!

I'd love to hear your story and see how I can support you in creating the sacred space that you so desire. 


In reverence + awe,


And for some fun, here is a list of few things i'm inspired by:

moonlit tent dinners

texture and wild patterns

Moorish design

vignette moments

temple keeping

the way flowers naturally bend,

love and how it changes us,

creating spaces that allow for connection



Photos by Ray Lesel @lovely_sun_ray



Naomi is bold and unapologetically authentic, offering magic and tangible healing through reflection and sharing. Her welcome into spaces is gracious and accepting of a fullness that allows room for growth and mistakes and messiness. She holds tenderness and blessings in details, planning, and communication. 

- Sukkot Retreat Participant 

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