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embodied ceremony 

you must remember, darling,

you are a lover and a healer.

your body is a divine temple and all that is on this earth

is sacred and beautiful

- Kohenet Naomi Azriel

blessings + praise for Kohenet Naomi Azriel


Naomi brings a spirit of Yes to Jewish ritual—she creates brave space for Jews to try on new ways of praying, relating, and feeling. - M.


Naomi is bold and unapologetically authentic, offering magic and tangible healing through reflection and sharing. Her welcome into spaces is gracious and accepting of a fullness that allows room for growth and mistakes and messiness. She holds tenderness and blessings in details, planning, and communication. - S.


Naomi is such a healer. I had the privilege of being part of one of her virtual New Moon Women’s circles and she managed to transport me from my living room into such a sensual state of connection, femininity and healing. She wove together a variety of different modalities ranging from spoken word, imagery, body work, meditation and safe sharing and I left feeling such ease and healing in my body. I am so grateful for the experience!- Jess B.

I am spiritually rejuvenated after spending this past weekend in the amazing space Naomi created.

Her warm and open energy, attention to small aesthetic details, and thoughtful consideration of our needs

were the reason this weekend was such an awesome and divine experience!- Liz Y.

Naomi Azriel built a full and meaningful weekend down to every detail. Flowers at every corner, surprise kombucha for lunch, songs strewn out throughout the weekend. She listened to our needs and adjusted as planned. She dives full-in when she is leading, and you want to run with her in her passion. I passionately believe she is onto something we all need to be a part of! - S.

I have written and rewritten this many times because it's hard to put into words how magnificently Naomi creates sacred space in her New Moon Circles. Even virtually, she shows up fully and genuinely every month and is able to create a sweet, sacred, and safe space that honors and celebrates every single person in the circle. There is space for joy and bliss, for grief and tears, for reflection, for sharing, for staying internal, and everything beyond. Every circle that I've joined (even on days when I felt like I might be too drained to really participate or be present) has left me feeling grounded and re-energized. Every circle is different, and every one is powerful - the rituals that Naomi incorporates always resonate for me, and she does a lovely job weaving together the power of womanhood, Jewish ritual and the energy and intention of every Jewish calendar month, and a sense of community and sisterhood. I cannot sing the praises of Naomi and her New Moon Circles enough to anyone who is interested in exploring Jewishness and women's sacred space! - Carole R.


© 2021 by Naomi Izen

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