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Naomi's color trend forecast for 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Ok friends...As someone who has been right about almost every color trend and fashion trend since I was 8 years old, here goes with my wedding color trend forecast for 2021.

If 2019's color trend was OHMGEE BLUE JEANS (see above photo), and 2020's color trend was F&%K, THERE WON'T BE A WEDDING (note, there are no wedding photos from this year), then here is 2021 in all it's color glory.

TREND 1: Nude Desert

Introducing the nude palate of 2021. Camel, Bone, Ballet, Olive.

I can see this being very popular and it's a color palate I would love to work with. (ahem, ahem!)

TREND 2: Hallelujah, COVID is over

Introducing the wild color explosion of 2021. Lipstick, Zest, Millennial, Tik-Tok.

I can see this color palate being used since everyone will just want to play in color this year since everything has been so me, you'll see this. Trust me...just trust me.

TREND 3: Elegance, but make it dusty

Introducing the dust bowl revolution of 2021. Mauve1, Mauve2, Lilac, Grey Skies

I can see this color palate being used for all the elegant brides who are sick of white and green but still need to please their people pleasing parents. This is a good color trend and purple is the color of royalty...but but make it dusty, since 2021.

TREND 4: Abuela's Ofrenda

Introducing my favorite color trend (made up by me, but still very much my favorite!)

Marigold1, Marigold2, Coco, Papaya

Maybe it's because I watched Coco (The Disney movie) the other night, but I really am feeling the sunshine vibes for this year's weddings. It's so crucial to show the love of the couple in the vibrancy of the color choices, so whether you have an abuela or not, I'm channeling her Ofrenda for this one! (Pick this one!) (I want to design with this one!)

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