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The Secret of Everlastings

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

As a sacred space designer and floral artist I am constantly working with the most gorgeous farm flowers, exotic blooms and unique petals. After years of having to just compost my gorgeous flower arrangements I realized that working with dried flowers is truly the most sustainable floral design medium there is.

Dried flowers are #trending so hot right now and they are coming in all different dyed colors and dreamy hues.

That's not what I want to tell you about!

I want you to know all the gorgeous and natural flowers that grow locally that dry exquisitely well.

The following is a top 10 ranked list of my favorite floral that are hits fresh and dried (no dying needed)

  1. Strawflowers (Every color imaginable, my favorites are the yellow and salmon colors)

  2. Gomphrena (Purples, white, and orange)

  3. Nigella (love-in-a-mist) (White and blue when fresh, incredible textured pods when dried)

  4. Statice (Purples, yellows, whites, pinks)

  5. Calendula (Yellows and oranges and edible!)

  6. Amaranth (Reds, burgundies, rusts)

  7. Celosia (pinks, purples, reds)

  8. Poppies (every color under the sun when fresh, gorgeous pods when dried)

  9. Roses (every color!)

  10. Lavender (purple!)

Choosing the right dried flowers

If buying your flowers already dried you want to make sure that there is no mold on the stems of the flowers. That means that there was too much humidity when the flowers were being dried and they did not get dried properly.

Dried flowers are extremely fragile, so make sure that you are buying flowers that are still attached to their stem and that seem hearty. Of course, the minute you touch them, you most likely will crack and deadhead some! (do not fret, it happens to the best of us!)

Drying your own flowers

To dry your own flowers is really simple, you just need time and patience and place in your home that doesn't get too humid.

Bundle your flowers in bunches of 10-15 stems, tie them in twine and hang them upside down out of direct sunlight.

You will know they are ready when you touch them and they feel brittle and have a crackle sensation.

To store your dried flowers, keep out of direct sunlight and in paper bags or in cardboard boxes.

Photography by Katherine Henry @kahenry

Floral Artistry by Naomi Azriel Izen @naomiazriel

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