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Late Summer: The best time for Local New England flowers

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I've flowered in every season in New England, and there is nothing like working with the local blooms in late summer.

Let me tell you why:

This bouquet summarizes everything I love about New England flowers in the late summer. Look at those golden hues, peachy dahlias and crisp white cosmos!

In late summer, flowers bloom in almost every color imaginable and we as seasonal floral designers finally feel like kids in candy stores since there is just so many options to choose from. Our color palates can really be inspired and we can ultimately create our dream aesthetics.

This bridal bouquet was made the last week in August with Western Massachusetts and North-western Connecticut grown flowers.

To replicate this bouquet you will need:

Peach Dahlias

White Dahlias

White Cosmos

Rust Amaranth

Peach Celosia

White Wax Flowers

Peach Strawflowers



and Bleached Ruscus (the one and only thing in this bouquet that is not seasonal or natural)

Tell me, what is your favorite flower season?

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