when you are here everything is wild - moon

poetry by Nayiraah Waheed

5781 collective begins Sep 17

Joining a collective of women means you are never alone.

It means you have women who watch you as you grow more fully into your power.

It means you have witnesses and guides.

It means you have healers and blissed-up-mamas

It means you can be yourself, in the pain, the suffering, the anxiety, the depression, the depths.

It means you can be yourself, in the giggles, the heart gushes, the pay raises, the weddings, the births.

It means more than I can gift you here in words, I can only share my story.


When you join the collective you get the following:

  • A moon manual including a wheel of the year chart detailing the energetics of each month and when the new moons are for 2020/2021 

  • You are automatically plugged in to a community of powerful women to witness and love you fully

  • First access and 20% to any of my programs, courses & retreats for the year

  • Access to my inner web of healers, artists, creatives, and divine warriors

Each month you will receive the following, even if you can't make the circle:

  • Ritual guidance for entering the month by yourself 

  • Monthly Moon PDF's of the circle imagery and notes

  • Full Moon rituals sent right to your inbox as voice or video recordings!


Your personal investment:

$300 for THE ENTIRE YEAR! 

(The total cost for the above offerings normally would be $845) 

**payment plans available.




embrace your

feminine divine

© 2021 by Naomi Izen

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