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Our 5783 collective begins Sep 22, 2022

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Join in collective sisterhood every month for:

  • Teachings on the essence of each    Jewish month as we spiral in time

  • Embodied + intuitive ritual guidance

  • Sacred space for heart-shares

  • Witness + love from powerful women

  • Life-changing community

  • and so much more that is intangible!

What exactly is the moon collective?

Joining a collective of women means you are never alone.

It means you have women who watch you as you grow more fully into your power.


It means you have witnesses and guides.

It means you have healers and blissed-up-mamas, sisters, aunties.

It means you can be yourself, in the pain, the suffering, the anxiety, the depression, the depths.

It means you can be yourself, in the giggles, the heart gushes, the pay raises, the weddings, the births.

It means more than I can gift you here in words...


The wheel of the year

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When you join the collective you get the following:

  • A moon manual including a wheel of the year chart detailing the energetics of each month and when the new moons are for 2022/2023 the Jewish calendar year of 5783

  • The first 10 women to sign-up to get a gift-box filled with ritual goodies sent to their door-step!

  • You are automatically plugged in to a community of powerful women to witness and love you fully

  • First access and 20% off to any of my personal programs, courses & retreats for the year

  • Access to my inner web of healers, artists, creatives, and divine warriors

Each month you will receive the following,

even if you can't make the circle:

  • Ritual guidance for entering the month by yourself 

  • Monthly Moon PDF's of the circle imagery and notes

  • Video recording of our circle (note: personal shares are never recorded and we pause recording when we get to these moments in circle)


Each year we follow along with the wheel of the year. 

The graphic above was made by Kohenet Naomi Azriel and was inspired by the wheel of the year created by Rabbi Jill Hammer.


What women are saying...


when you are here everything is wild - moon

poetry by Nayiraah Waheed

Naomi's circles are essential during Covid-19. Her circles offer grounding and sisterhood, and help me mark the passage of time and connect with the earth and amazing women - Emily

It's hard to put into words how magnificently Naomi creates sacred space in these New Moon Circles. Even virtually, she shows up fully and genuinely every month and is able to create a sweet, sacred, and safe space that honors and celebrates every single person in the circle. There is space for joy and bliss, for grief and tears, for reflection, for sharing, for staying internal, and everything beyond. Every circle that I've joined (even on days when I felt like I might be too drained to really participate or be present) has left me feeling grounded and re-energized. Every circle is different, and every one is powerful - the rituals that Naomi incorporates always resonate for me, and she does a lovely job weaving together the power of womanhood, Jewish ritual and the energy and intention of every Jewish calendar month, and a sense of community and sisterhood. I cannot sing the praises of Naomi and her New Moon Circles enough to anyone who is interested in exploring Jewishness and women's sacred space!- Carole

Naomi creates such amazing space that is just so open & empowering. She is one of a kind. She also has inspired me to really heal and detox this month - Sequoia

Naomi has an amazing energy that just welcomed me in and made me feel safe immediately. I knew that I could let go, make a fool of myself, dance around, whatever it was and there would be no judgement. She is SO SO SO fantastic - anonymous circle member

I am immensely grateful to have the opportunity to enter into sacred space created and held by Naomi. In addition to building a safe container for all emotions to arise, she drew upon powerful elements such as song, movement, prayer, poetry, nature and group dynamics to craft tangible magic into which all of us could surrender. These rituals and ceremonies shifted something deep inside me that I will always connect to this time and place in my life. Naomi has inspired me to explore a new layer of my Judaism, womanhood and relationship to the divine! - Pearl

I've had the privilege to experience Naomi's circles both in person and virtually. All of them have been amazing, heady, sensorial experiences. Now more than ever, I'm in awe of how she manages to forge connection, sisterhood, peace, and healing-even virtually. If you are seeking to connect to your divine self and the divine in others, Naomi's weaving of ritual, music, prayer, and sharing might be just what you need! - Julianna



  • How much is my personal investment?

$350 for THE ENTIRE YEAR! (The total cost per person for all of these offerings normally would be $1115) Some retreats with me for 1 week are over that price, so it truly is a steal for a year of ritual and guidance from Kohenet Naomi Azriel. I am able to offer this price because I believe in the power of community and I want to make sure that everyone who wants to join has access. 

  • When does the moon collective begin and end?

We begin our new cycle on September 22, 2022 just before the new moon of Tishrei and the start of our new Jewish calendar year 5783. Our collective will run for the entirety of the 5783 year and end in August 2023.

  • Where will we meet?

Our collective used to meet in-person but when the Global Pandemic hit in 2020 we shifted to being a virtual community which means that we have women join from all over the states and Canada which has been so powerful. 

  • What time does the collective meet?

We usually meet at 7:15p Eastern/4:15p Pacific, and our circles run around 2 hours give or take. (If this timing is a challenge for you please reach out.)

  • Can I test out being a member before committing to joining?

Because our circles and our community are extremely sacred we cannot allow anybody to test out the circle beforehand. However, Kohenet Naomi Azriel offers a couple circles during the year where guests can pop-in so be on the look-out for those or reach out to Naomi directly. 

  • I really want to join but cannot pay $350 upfront, do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer payment plans for up to 4 months and Naomi will work with you to organize this so you feel comfortable with your investment. 

  • Is there a certain age I have to be to join?

This collective is open to women any age as long as you are 18+. The median age of the current collective is 35. There is so much sacredness in being a community of women of all ages, so please join in, no matter what your legal age is. If you feel the call then you are welcome!

  • Why is this a paid collective when there are numerous free Rosh Chodesh circles out there?

Our circles are held very intentionally by an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) who has over 9 years in ritual facilitation and sacred space curation. Naomi also weaves-in the Jewish energetics of the month and offers expert intuitive guidance for the circle with embodiment, song, poetry, prayer, art, ritual craft and more! There are many other Rosh Chodesh circles that you can and should be a part-of, however, this is more than that. This space is truly healing and transformative and when engaged with each month, can be life-changing. This circle is also a set community and so you will circle each month with the same women and get to form extremely deep connections through circling together. 


  • How many women are in the collective?

Our 5782 collective currently has 20 members and our 5783 collective will be capped at 25 members. Based on life and availability each circle each month on average has 8-10 women in attendance.

  • I am non-binary but very interested in joining the collective, will I feel comfortable?

This particular moon collective is very female-centric and engages women in truly honoring the feminine divine within and without. You are more than welcome to join-us and we will welcome you with open arms if this feels aligned for you.

  • When will I hear if I am off the waitlist?

I am inviting the current group of Moon Collective members to re-register first after our Av circle in August. Once I know how many have re-joined then I will open up the waitlist! Thank you for your patience.

Have more questions that were not answered here? Reach out to Kohenet Naomi Azriel at!

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