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what is it: 

An immersive weekend retreat for the empowered jewish woman

when is it: 

March 15 3:30p - March 17 2p

where is it: 

A beautiful mansion in the Berkshires in MA

who you are:

You are a jewish woman aged 24-35 seeking to deepen your relationship with your inner divine temple + committed to a weekend of self-exploration in a sacred and held container


A ritual filled weekend including: 

 *multi-sensory shabbat + havdalah experiences

adornment stations, homemade, organic + pleasure forward foods, 

sensuality workshops, introduction to Jewish Priestess practices, tuning into your inner divine feminine, heart circles, dance + song,

transformative moments

+ collective rememberings




Ok, so how much?

only $55 for the entire weekend - YES! For real.

$45 if you pay by Feb 15


Check back often for more details!

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 10.33.30

Hebrew Priestess + Sacred Event Stylist

Retreat Visionary + Ritual holder

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 10.29.06

Board Certified Chaplain, ACPE Associate Certified Educator

Jewish Educator for the weekend

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.54.05

Jewish Food Historian +

Kitchen Witch

Personal Chef for the weekend

*due to the intimate nature of this retreat we can only accept 12 participants

This retreat is powered fiscally by Retreatology; a Moishe House initiative

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 12.25.43


We are still honing details but check below for any answers to your potential questions and if the answer is not below, please message me directly at

I'm not jewish, but gosh, this weekend sounds amazing, can I apply?

YES, so much yes. If this weekend interests you then please apply. There will be some Jewish learning and jewish rituals but we are excited to share and teach with anybody who feels called to be in this kind of space!

I don't have a car, how will I get to the venue?

We will be coordinating carpool lists, so will get you a ride coming from the Boston area.

I've never been to a ritual-based retreat, can you explain what that entails?

It is hard to explain without experiencing it, but everything we will do this weekend will be intentional and will hold opportunities for 

growth and transformation. We ask that everyone goes Tech-free for the weekend to fully immerse in the experience. 

Can I leave early or come late to this retreat?

Unfortunately, no. This is an immersive experience and we need everybody there for the entirety of the retreat from opening circle to closing circle. 

I don't know anybody going to this retreat, will everyone know each other?

We are striving to curate a group of women that come unique backgrounds and have different connections and relationships. You will not be the only one who does not know somebody and we will also hold the space in a way where everyone will feel seen and heard and at the end of the weekend we can assure you that you will all feel like sisters!

I'm a picky eater, what will the food be like this weekend?

Our incredible kitchen witch, Sara Gardner will be crafting gorgeous, healthy and nourishing food for us to enjoy. Everything will be crafted by hand and she will take into account everyone's dietary restrictions. Please list ALL of your food preferences and dietary restrictions on your application and we will try to accommodate. If we see that we cannot, there will be room in the fridge for personal food if necessary. 

I'm non-binary but this weekend sounds like a retreat that would be perfect for me and my path right now, can I join?

We want everyone joining to feel connected to their sacred feminine and if you feel that this is a space that would nurture you and your connection then please apply and we will look over your application!


We will add more FAQS as they come - and if you have immediate questions, don't hesitate to reach out to

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